Rat ‘infestation’ blamed on ‘insanity’ of Glasgow’s Low Emission Zone

Nigel Farage shares views on imminent ULEZ expansion

Glasgow city centre is “infested” with rats – with a union boss blaming cuts to the number of street cleaners coupled with refuse vehicles being unable to comply with the city’s Low Emission Zone (LEZ).

And a spokesman for the LEZ Fightback Campaign has claimed the introduction of the controversial scheme has nothing to do with lowering pollution – and is instead a mechanism for boosting the coffers of Glasgow City Council.

Chris Mitchell, GMB Scotland’s Glasgow branch convenor, warned bins were going unemptied because of a shortage of refuse vehicles.

He said: “There is a rat infestation and the reason is because of the cuts.

“There are rats everywhere. Rat infestation is rife across Glasgow.

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“It is nonsense to say the rats have only become more visible.

Speaking to The Herald, Mr Mitchell claimed: “The Scottish Government has to admit that Glasgow is in decline.

“Services are struggling and they must give the council money, but unfortunately the council for some reason think it is not in decline.”

Vehicles currently being used in the city centre to undertake waste collections were “not fit for purpose”, Mr Mitchell added.

The LEZ, covering roughly one square mile of Glasgow city centre, came into force on June 1.

In July, a total of 5,933 penalty charge notices were issued to cars driven into the zone, more than double the 2,922 issued in June, according to official figures.

Almost 150 drivers a day are therefore being hit with fines with the initial penalty for non-compliant vehicles being £60.

Of the council’s 1,615 vehicles, 616 are currently non-compliant, meaning they are no longer permitted to enter the zone.

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Jack Irvine, the campaign’s media and political director, told Express.co.uk: “This has nothing to do with pollution.

“Pollution levels are now at an accepted level and have been for some time. 

“It’s all about revenue raising for a beleaguered council.”

Referring to the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) scheme being rolled out across all 32 of the UK capital’s boroughs on August 29, he added: “It’s exactly the same as the ULEZ insanity sweeping London.

“Rats are very intelligent I am told.

“Perhaps they should be running this dysfunctional council.

“They couldn’t be any worse than those inside the City Chambers.”  

Express.co.uk has contacted Glasgow City Council for comment.

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