Rioter wearing ‘Camp Auschwitz’ sweatshirt is arrested, according to law enforcement.

A man who was photographed wearing a sweatshirt that read “Camp Auschwitz” while inside the Capitol last week was arrested in Newport News, Va., on Wednesday morning in connection to the Capitol riot, according to two law enforcement officials.

The man, Robert Keith Packer, had been seen on the Capitol grounds in several photographs and his black sweatshirt, with its reference to the Nazi death camp and a skull, had drawn widespread outrage. News outlets had previously identified Mr. Packer based on the accounts of people who knew him.

Mr. Packer’s sweatshirt also included the phrase “Work Brings Freedom,” which is a rough translation of, “Arbeit macht frei.” The German words were welded onto an iron arch that stood over one of the gates of the death camp, where more than 1.1 million people were killed during World War II.

The top federal prosecutor in Washington said this week that more than 70 people tied to the mayhem at the Capitol had already been charged with crimes and that he expected that “hundreds” would eventually be charged. Prosecutors were considering bringing a range of charges against the rioters, including seditious conspiracy, murder and trespassing. Michael Sherwin, the acting U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, said that investigators had already identified at least 170 people who are believed to have committed crimes.

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