Speaker steps in to save Boris allies from Lib Dem plot and avoid by-election

Boris pretends to snore as he's questioned over his downfall

A Lib Dem bid to force potential sanctions against Boris Johnson’s allies rebuked by the Privileges Committee has failed after Commons Speaker Lindsay Hoyle did not select the party’s amendment.

MPs will this afternoon debate a special report by the committee which accused seven Johnson loyalists of having waged a “co-ordinated” attack on its initial inquiry into the former prime minister’s partygate denials to Parliament.

The Liberal Democrats had laid down an amendment that would see the Johnson loyalists referred back to the committee to decide if their conduct amounted to contempt.

Liberal Democrat chief whip Wendy Chamberlain said: “Nadine Dorries, Jacob-Rees Mogg and these other Conservative MPs launched a Trumpian attack against our Parliament and its independent report into Boris Johnson’s partygate lies.

“Rishi Sunak must confirm he will back referring these Conservative MPs for potential sanctions. There must be consequences for their shameful actions.

“Every time there is a vote on Boris Johnson’s lies and Conservative sleaze, Sunak is too weak to take a stand.

“This time must be different if he wants to show he has any shred of integrity left.”

But Mr Hoyle did not select the amendment for this afternoon’s Commons debate about the Privileges Committee report that rebuked the conduct of allies of the former PM.


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