Stuart Varney: Democrats assume Biden's policies will be good for America… 'not so fast'


Stuart Varney: Democrats assume Biden’s policies will work… ‘not so fast’

‘Varney & Co.’ host Stuart Varney responds to Democrats who think Biden’s policies will turn out to be good for the American people.

During his latest "My Take," "Varney & Co." host Stuart Varney responded to Democrats who are presuming Biden's policies will have positive results after Republicans' "very weak" midterm election performance arguing the president has not proposed "good policy," but the GOP will be limited in their ability to pushback.

STUART VARNEY: A top advisor to the president, Anita Dunn, went on NBC's "Meet The Press" over the weekend and told us how the Democrats won the midterms with President Biden's kitchen table policies. 

She said we haven't seen the full effects yet. She was saying, "wait, you've seen nothing yet." Dunn assumes the results of Biden's policies will be positive: Not so fast.

The Inflation Reduction Act will do nothing of the sort. It will raise taxes on business, just as we head into recession. That's not good policy, and it won't have a positive result.


Cutting the price of prescription drugs doesn't start until 2024.

FOX Business’ Stuart Varney responds to Democrats who think Biden’s policies will be positive for America. (Fox News)

The clean energy policy raises the price of energy. Look what's already happened to heating oil prices. Up 20% in October alone. What's this going to do to the inflation rate?

The infrastructure plan requires a lot of permitting. Good luck with that. The greens will hold up everything.

The Republican's very weak performance in the midterms means they have only a limited ability to change Biden's policies.

What a shame. They won't turn out as Anita Dunn suggest; inflation stays, the economy slows

The border stays open and with George Soros' radical DA's winning elections, our cities will continue to be centers of crime.

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