Sturgeon set to publish ‘one-line manifesto’ in new plan for Indyref2

IndyRef2: Nicola Sturgeon could publish 'one-line manifesto' says expert

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Nicola Sturgeon is set to pull the “high risk” strategy after judges at the UK’s highest court announced their unanimous ruling on Wednesday, making clear the Scottish Parliament “does not have the power to legislate for a referendum on Scottish independence”. Following the judgment, the Scottish First Minister vowed to continue pushing for independence, saying: “As long as there is breath in my body, I refuse to give up on the basic principle of democracy.” Columnist Ayesha Hazarika pointed out winning every seat in Scotland is the “only way through” for Scottish independence.

Speaking to Jeremy Vine, she said: “I think most people were quite clear-eyed and I think the SNP strategist knew this was coming.

“What this will mean is that Nicola Sturgeon’s backup will say this proves democracy is being denied to the Scottish people which will fuel the grievance argument the SNP has.

“She always said that if she didn’t win this court case, she would make the next general election a de facto referendum on Scottish independence.

“The SNP may publish a one-line manifesto, I think it would be quite high risk for them to do that with the cost of living crisis but it’s what they could do.

“If they win every single seat in Scotland, they will go back.

“David Cameron did give them a referendum in 2014 because he believed that the weight of public opinion was such that it would be anti-democratic.

“That is her only way through.”

Ms Sturgeon said a special SNP conference will be held in the new year “to discuss and agree the detail of a proposed de facto referendum”, using the next UK election.

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She said: “No party can dictate the basis on which people cast their votes.

“But a party can be, indeed should be, crystal clear about the purpose for which it is seeking popular support.

“In this case, for the SNP that will be to establish – just as in a referendum – majority support in Scotland for independence so that we can then achieve independence.”

She said the SNP will also “launch and mobilise a major campaign in defence of Scottish democracy”.


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“This is no longer about whether Scotland becomes independent, vital though that decision is. It is now more fundamental.

“It is now about whether or not we even have the basic democratic right to choose our own future.

“Indeed from today the independence movement is as much about democracy as it is about independence.”

Taking questions from reporters, she said SNP members will have a say in deciding how the party presents its offering to voters.

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