Sunak will miss vote on ‘kangaroo court’s’ findings on Boris Johnson

Sir Rod Stewart admits he’s a ‘fan of Boris Johnson’

Downing Street has finally confirmed to journalists that the Prime Minister will miss today’s vote on the Privileges Committee report into Boris Johnson.

The news was long-awaited and speculated on since the report was published, given the tricky spot it put the Prime Minister in.

Backing the report would split his party and anger the Tory membership; opposing it would lead to criticism by Labour and much of the media.

At today’s press briefing, Mr Sunak’s spokesman said: “His schedule does not involve attending parliament”.

Mr Sunak is expected to meet with the Swedish Prime Minister later today.

It was previously speculated he might use a meeting with a world leader to dodge the vote.

The spokesman also claimed the PM “doesn’t feel it’s right to express an opinion ahead of any vote, or influence MPs”.

The motion is not expected to go to a vote given almost no MPs are expected to oppose it.

Mr Johnson called his troops off from opposing the bill last week, with a source telling the Express the “vote is meaningless as it has no practical effect”.

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If no Tories shout no when the vote is called, it will merely be ‘nodded through’.

According to The Huffington Post, the debate is ‘filling up’ with anti-Boris MPs and could last up to four hours – concluding around 9pm.

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During today’s No. 10 briefing for journalists, Mr Sunak’s spokesperson also said he would not strip two honours recipients of their awards after video footage emerged of them partying in Tory HQ during Covid.

Ben Mallett was given an OBE, and Shaun Bailey a peerage, in Boris Johnson’s resignation honours list.

Both attended a rule-breaking drinks bash in the basement of CCHQ in December 2020, video footage of which was published by the Sunday Mirror this weekend.

Opposition parties have called on the pair to lose their gongs as a result of the outrage.

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