‘We won’t save Union’ Czech MEP issues stern warning as she blasts EU’s vaccine plan

EU vaccine plan slammed by Czech MEP Kateřina Konečná

Speaking in Brussels, the Czech Left MEP said the Commission’s plan to have a “global role” in the deployment of coronavirus vaccines had failed to materialise so far. Ms Konecna blasted the EU’s Covax strategy is not working as she asked: “Where is the global strategy?”

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She added: “We are talking about the Covax system. How many doses have we given within Covax?

“This system just doesn’t work and we have to face the fact that it doesn’t work because the only possible solution to cure the world is to cancel patent protection.

“It’s no big deal because companies like Pfizer and others have earned their share long ago on the Covid vaccines which means that the only thing we have to demand as the European Parliament is to abolish patent protection.

“Without this, we won’t save the Union and the world and our citizens.”

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