Gas prices are result of Biden's policies, ‘self-inflicted wounds': Economist Steve Moore


Gas prices a result of policies, ‘self-inflicted wounds’: Steve Moore

Economist Steve Moore weighs in on inflation and record-high gas prices.

During an interview on "Varney & Co.," Monday, economist Steve Moore said record-high gas prices are "self-inflicted wounds" and are a direct result of the Biden administration's policies.

STEVE MOORE: I'd love to see President Biden say, we're going to work toward a pause on the climate change craziness, and we're going to continue to drill and to get American oil and gas. I think that would start to bring that oil price down. I was looking at those charts you were showing earlier on the show, and it was amazing because, I think you said it was $4.45 a gallon for the national average for the gas price, it was about $2.39 or so a gallon the day that Joe Biden took office. So do the math there. That means that we've got a doubling in the gas price in 15 months. 

A gas pump displays current fuel prices, along with a sticker of US President Joe Biden, at a gas station in Arlington, Virginia, on March 16, 2022.  (Photo by SAUL LOEB / AFP) (Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images / Getty Images)

This is a result of policies that were implemented. These are self-inflicted wounds that are not a result of COVID. But in fact, because COVID's basically over, we should be seeing less inflation, better growth. One other quick thin, when the president was citing those survey results of how Americans feel good about the economy, there's a new Gallup poll that just came out about a week ago that they've been doing this poll for about 40 years. Do you think the economy's head in the right direction or on direction? Only two out of ten Americans, believe the economy is good or great. Most Americans feel the economy is fair or poor.




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