‘He told me!’ Grant Shapps exposes extraordinary Zelensky refugee request to UK

Ukraine: Raab defends UK's policy on welcoming refugees

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Grant Shapps appeared on Sky News to answer for the Government’s slow uptake in Ukrainian refugees and said 760 visas have now been approved. But the Transport Secretary was grilled over the reports of refugees being turned away at Calais as they needed to fill out security forms in embassies many miles away and Home Secretary Priti Patel confusingly stating a Calais centre would be over 70 miles away in Lille. When asked why the process was so disorganised and difficult for Ukrainians, Mr Shapps made the claim, but provided no evidence, that President Zelensky had personally told him and others that he did not want Ukrainians to go far away as he wanted them to resettle back into Ukraine after the conflict was over.


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