Jeremy Corbyn sparks anger as he calls for Ukraine to make sacrifices

Jeremy Corbyn has come under fire after calling on the “protagonist” in Ukraine’s war to come together for “serious talks”. Speaking at a rally, the former Labour leader said if the warring nations can come together to secure a grain deal, “it is possible for them to come together” to stop the conflict. But he has been accused of deciding to “shoot the lefties movement” and failing to read the room in recognising Russia is the aggressor in the war.

Speaking at the ‘Stop the War’ demonstration to around 4,000 campaigners holding banners calling for ‘Peace now’, Mr Corbyn said if the US is capable of contacting Russia to inform them of President Joe Biden’s recent visit to Kyiv, then it is “obviously possible” to come together to negotiate an end to the war.

He said: “All the protagonists in this conflict can come together to discuss the supply of grain to the world and come to an agreement by which ships during the wheat from Ukraine and Russia can go to feed other people in other parts of the world.

“If the US is capable of contacting Russia to say that President Biden is visiting Kyiv then it is obviously possible they could come together for serious talks and serious negotiation to stop the fighting, Stop the killing stop the conflict and bring about peace and justice.”

Twitter users were quick to criticise the Islington North MP, pointing out that exporting grain is not an issue dividing nations.

User @Adam_trun said: “Exporting grain is not an issue that would divide nations as fundamentally as borders.

“And justice will not be brought until Russia withdraws from Ukraine. Unless Russia is willing to do it, Ukraine has the right to push it out by force.”

Another user @Lost_Loyalist said: “I really wish Corbyn didn’t decide to shoot the leftists movement in the UK in the foot by deciding to die on this hill instead of reading the room that the majority of Britons on the left recognize Russia is the clear aggressor in the war in Ukraine.”

It comes after Sir Keir Starmer said Corbyn would not be allowed to stand as a Labour MP again because of the antisemitism under his leadership.

Sir Keir said that anti-semitism is “an evil” and “no political party that cultivates it deserves to hold power”

Last summer Jeremy Corbyn called for western countries to stop supplying arms to Ukraine, insisting it is only going to “prolong and exaggerate” the war.

He added: “What I find disappointing is that hardly any of the worldโ€™s leaders use the word peace; they always use the language of more war, and more bellicose war.

“This war is disastrous for the people of Ukraine, for the people of Russia, and for the safety and security of the whole world, and therefore there has to be much more effort put into peace.”

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