John Redwood exposes BBC bias in furious TV row – ‘You want Brexit to go wrong!’

John Redwood accuses BBC of wanting Calais trade to 'go wrong'

Sir John Redwood erupted during an interview on BBC News, claiming that the national broadcaster “wants Brexit to go wrong”. The prominent Brexiteer MP shut down BBC News presenter Celia Hatton, after she suggested that there was “a lot of anxiety” around Brexit. This comes the UK completed its formal separation from the European Union and stopped following EU rules at 11pm last night.

Boris Johnson said the UK had “freedom in our hands” and the ability to do things “differently and better” now the long Brexit process was over.

Ms Hatton told Sir John: “There is a lot of nervousness, a lot of anxiety, around the new rules.

“A lot of businesses are concerned, and some are deciding to hibernate, to wait and see how they deal with the red tape.”

The Tory MP hit back: “Well, I know the BBC wants the Dover-Calais link to go wrong but both ports are very keen to make it work.”

Ms Hatton responded: “I don’t know whether that is true.”

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Sir John continued: “There are all sorts of links with the continent, and all sorts of ways of getting trade there.

“I think the system will work perfectly fine. We do the bulk of our trade with non-EU partners already and that has always worked very smoothly.

“So be positive! It is going to work, Dover and Calais want to keep their business going. All this nonsense about paperwork – we live in a digital age and electronic communication.”

He earlier tweeted: “Media reports no delays for trucks at Dover. Quite unlike the chaos of last month when we were in the single market.

“Time for the media to cheer up about the majority democratic decision of a great independent nation.”

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He received plaudits on social media, with many tweeting that he had “called out the BBC on their dire predictions at Dover”.

One viewer said: “In the past I’ve respected the BBC but sadly today they no longer speak for the UK, preferring instead to seek negative news to undermine our new independence.”

Another said: “Redwood just slapped down the BBC saying they want us to fail.”

Others suggested that the BBC “just cut short an interview with Sir John Redwood because he openly on-air criticised the BBC bias regarding Brexit.”

Sir John was one of just two Conservative MPs to not vote for the Brexit deal.


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He explained on the BBC: “I was pressing the Government for a bit more good news on fishing but I’m very happy we are out.

“I think the British people made a wise judgment in 2016 and they were badly let down by the previous parliament.

“I want us now to take full advantage of the opportunities we have so I’m pressing the Government to rebuild our fishing industry, to have free ports, and to change taxes.

“There is huge opportunity. I think we will have a very fast growth year this year, partly due to the recovery from the pandemic.

“But, I think we can super-charge that with these freedoms we can now use.”

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