Sturgeon accused of being ‘clueless’ over Scottish independence – ‘Utterly delusional!’

Nicola Sturgeon grilled by host over UK currency union

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The First Minister attempted to explain how the Scottish economy could be bailed out of a crisis without its own central bank or currency. Ms Sturgeon rejected the idea that Scotland had been “rescued” from the coronavirus pandemic by Treasury support or the UK’s successful vaccine rollout.

Speaking to the BBC, the SNP leader said Scotland would be a “thriving, prosperous, successful” independent country.

However, observers have said she struggled to explain how an independent Scotland could respond to any major future crises.

Ms Sturgeon has proposed to continue using the Pound if independent which means the nation would have no say over monetary policy before it establishes its own central bank.

The First Minister was told this would mean Scotland would not be able to deploy its own quantitative easing policy deal, which is in her separation plan, to cope with “another huge emergency”.

Ms Sturgeon responded that she would only outline the specifics before a second independence vote.

She claimed that a Scottish central bank could be set up in a “transition period”.

The SNP leader added: “We would be within Sterling until we did that and we would have the ability to exercise those functions of an independent country.

“But, look, we will set out as we did in 2014, all of the case for independence as we come to ask people to make that choice, yes or no to independence.

“Scotland will take the decision based on all of the information about whether it is better to have control over our own future, to have the levers of decision making in our own hands… or whether it is better to have what we have experienced over the last few years of having decisions imposed upon us.”

In response to the interview, Twitter users accused the First Minister of being “clueless” over Scottish independence.

One user posted: “When it mattered she was clueless you could not make it up.”

While another tweeted: “@NicolaSturgeon is clearly utterly delusional!’

Ms Sturgeon also compared the UK’s vaccine rollout to the annual purchase of flu jabs and said it had been delivered by NHS Scotland and was overseen by her government.

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She added: “The idea that Scotland as an independent country wouldn’t have been able to do the vaccination programme simply doesn’t bear any scrutiny whatsoever.”

Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross said it was “incredible” that the SNP leader was “unable to even at this stage recognise the massive support we have received in Scotland because we’re a part of the United Kingdom.”

Politicians have claimed the Holyrood election next week could be one of the most important in Scotland’s history.

Ms Sturgeon said she wants to seek another Scottish independence referendum vote after the Covid crisis is over if she wins a majority in May’s election.

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