Tony Blair speaks out on Brexit as he appeals for UK to one day RETURN to Brussels bloc

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The former Labour Prime Minister has been a vocal opposer of Brexit and has constantly campaigned for a second referendum into the matter. He has, however, admitted he would have voted for Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal.

But now Mr Blair has called for the UK to rejoin with the bloc and said he has not changed his mind about Brexit.

Speaking at Chatham House this afternoon, Mr Blair said: “I campaigned so long and so passionately against Brexit because I believed out to be a strategic error not just of policy but of destiny.

“I haven’t changed my mind about its wisdom.

“But reality is reality.

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“We have done it. We must live with it.

“We should make the best of it.

“And as I have said recently, if a return to Europe is ever to be undertaken by a new generation, Britain should do it as a successful nation Europe is anxious to embrace, not just as a supplicant with no other options.”

He added: “The right response, therefore, is to treat Brexit as a jolt, to act as a catalyst for change which is necessary even without Brexit and could have been done without doing Brexit, but which, by the challenge it poses, Brexit somehow enables.”

Mr Blair went on to claim Brexit will only “exacerbate the challenge” unless the UK makes a “supreme effort to under these forces”.

He said: “Brexit will only exacerbate the challenge the forces of change at work in the world present us, unless we make a supreme effort to understand these forces, harness them and make them our servant.

“This is the moment of truth for the pro-Brexit and anti-Brexit camps alike.

“The answers weren’t found in outdated ideology but in unifying values, clarity of thinking, competence and delivery.

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“This is the political space we must inhabit.

“The alternative is inexorable decline.”

This is not the first time the former premier has called for the UK to rejoin the Brussels bloc.

Earlier this month, Mr Blair wrote: “And – not that it is remotely on the agenda now – if there ever is to be a rekindling of a European future for Britain, under the leadership of a new younger generation, it can come only through a Britain that is strong, not one on its knees, a Britain Europe wants to imitate not isolate.”

But last month, Mr Blair admitted there is “no point” for Remainers to campaign for the UK to re-join the EU.

The former Prime Minister spoke to BBC Newscast about the progress of the “ugly and dispiriting” Brexit negotiations.

He told the podcast: “Brexit as a political argument is over, but you can’t pretend it’s not a big event that’s about to happen in practical terms.

“Therefore, short-term it’s going to be very challenging for the country, especially in combination with Covid.

“There’s no point in being daft about it.

“If you’re going to come out of the European system, and your largest existing, market you’re going to have to work out what your economic niche in the new world is.”

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